We, the Ephyros team, address this message to our clients and partners.
On February 24, war broke out in our Homeland.
Russia launched a massive and unprovoked attack on Ukraine under a ridiculous pretense of bringing "peace" to our land and saving us from a "neo-nazi" government. Russian media and politicians blatantly state that Russia's "special operation" in Ukraine does not affect the civilian population, but is aimed only at crippling our armed forces. But with each passing day, it becomes more and more clear that Russian troops and saboteurs are deliberately killing civilians, firing at refugee buses, and shelling kindergartens.

In this dark hour, we ask for your support for Ukraine and our military. Russian evil will not stop here, so we must not fall.

Our team and our nation thank you for your support! We firmly believe that with everyone's help, russian aggression will be defeated and peace will return to Ukraine, to all of Europe, and to the whole world!

Both following links are official ways to provide financial support to the Ukrainian Army, endorsed by our government:

Why Choose Us?
Our sweet spot is helping out fast-growing e-commerce businesses when they can achieve exponential growth by partnering with our experts.
Transparency, openness and proactivity are our core values in communication. We aren’t afraid of making commitments, and we always do our best to deliver on our promises.
Because we believe that the future lies in cloud e-commerce, our primary platforms are Shopify and BigCommerce. We will help you to choose the proper tools in order to develop a stable, predictable operations framework for your online business.
What we do
Store setup
We build momentum with founders in order to face the market as soon as possible and to gain real feedback from early customers. Our secret sauce is a well-tested set of themes, apps, solution providers mixed with best practices in UX and development. Zero to One.
UX & Design
“Pragmatic” is our attitude to UI/UX design. We will prototype, measure, calculate and make A/B tests. Every design element has its role in achieving some business goal - in other words, it’s a science, not an art. Best practices will be used to maximize conversion rates and enhance the customer experience.
Theme development
We will advise on choosing a proper strategy to deal with Shopify frontend customization: either tweaking some ready-made theme or creating a custom theme from scratch. There is no universal answer to this question, it really depends on business priorities and industry.
Platform migration
We can migrate your existing store to Shopify/BigCommerce so you can benefit from a fully hosted, scalable, cloud-based eCommerce solution. With Shopify Plus you can focus on your business and not your IT. No software upgrades, and no security patches.
Shopify apps
Not all functionality is available natively in Shopify. In this instance, our custom app development team can build you a bespoke app to meet your specific requirements. We build apps that function and feel natively Shopify so you can continue your usual operations.
Headless e-commerce
Ultra-fast custom frontend for Shopify brands who want to achieve the best performance and user experience.
Our partners
We work closely with industry leading partners who share our vision for superior client experience.
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